A visit to one of the Colleges That Change Lives: Centre College



Four former Moses Brown students attend a small college with a distinguished academic tradition in the center of Kentucky.  All four (three young men and one young woman)  play lacrosse competitively.

Centre College is of one of forty plus institutions reviewed in the book Colleges That Change Lives.  (If you are starting a college search and have never skimmed this guide, you really should.  The places featured in this volume provide an outstanding liberal arts education and actively help each student develop his or her true potential.)

The Centre curriculum is rich with international study and travel.  Majors and minors related to other continents and cultures abound here.  Students regularly go abroad during the semester, summer or  January term.  “It is simply the norm here,” summarizes one administrator on campus.  Costs and financial aid packages do not change because of international travel.

The “Centre Commitment” assures that students graduate in four years, that they travel abroad at least once, and that they engage in one or more internships.  Centre believes that tuition-paying families deserve this pledge.


I am endlessly intrigued by campus amenities designed  for the current generation of undergraduates. I love discovering my NSB (“Never Seen Before”) each trip.   At Centre, the new suites built for upperclassmen feature fire pits in the outdoor common areas!


Another “NSB” on this liberal arts college campus is a substantial glass blowing facility.  The art faculty includes a Centre College graduate who is a renowned glass blower.  He is eager to share his passion with both beginners and more advanced students.  One Moses Brown alumnus, Prescott W ’10, even has a portion of a shelf in the glass blowing studio devoted to his creations.  (Prescott is an Economics major at Centre.)



During my visit to Danville, Kentucky last week, I loved the glimpse of early spring, rolling farms and grazing steeds.  I savored homemade biscuits and enjoyed the friendly manners of all I bumped into on and off campus. The towns closest to Centre (Danville and Lexington) have a nice vibe and plenty of activity.  (The Lexington airport is extremely easy to fly in and out of.) I was impressed with the beauty of the Centre campus.  Most importantly, I admired the way faculty and staff are absolutely intent upon providing the best education possible to students–and the way in which they help families finance a top-flight experience.


by Helen Scotte Gordon


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